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Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 01 February 2006.

my friend brought a lobster to class today. a real live lobster. last night he went to wegman's and bought a lobster from the tank and then brought it in for his photo project. my other friend named in ferdinand but the boys all decided that nathan was a better name.

ferdinand the lobster

in other news, pam and i now know where to find a pet for cheap.

this weekend carlos mencia came to campus and i went to see his show with a bunch of kids from my floor. after the show, we got to meet him and another comedian, josh, from his show. i do have pictures, however it's telling me i can't upload files of this type which is strange because i did get the bike picture on here. oh well. [note: i fixed the problem...use firefox and use the image from the web, don't upload]

some kids from my floor with josh and carlos

ahhh it's nearly 2 am and i'm not tired at all because i took a nap earlier. not cool.