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Long Distance

Casey Bitzberger on Friday, 16 April 2010. Posted in Life After RIT, Student Life

I have been dating Michael for about 2 years now. I am a junior and met him the summer after my freshman year in college. I adore him :)

When we met we were both working at an overnight summer camp in the Pocono’s of Pennsylvania. We taught young boys and girls how to zip line, rock climb, and do high challenge ropes courses. Within a week we were “together” and after the 3 ridiculously awesome months of good times in the mountains, we realized that we wanted it to continue.



































The problem? He lived in Athens, Ohio and went to Ohio University while I was going to RIT in Rochester, NY. These two places are 8 hours away form each other and at the time, neither of us had cars.

How did it work out? We borrowed our parents cars, our friends cars, and took the Amtrak trains until we both got cars this year. We talk every night, exchange emails, and eventually I got him to Skype with me! I send him packages with random things during smaller holidays when we don’t see each other and we’re always together for anniversaries and birthdays. We’re planning on meeting half way and car camping in Cleveland, Ohio in the near future.


Long distance is not easy. For those of you that are hoping to come to college and maintain one, you’ll have to work at it. Being constantly separated from your favorite person can really take its toll. But for me, when I pull my car up in front of his house in Athens, Ohio, and jump out and let him swing me into his arms, it’s well worth it. My relationship with Michael is an amazing one. We’re survived for so long because the distance, in the end, does not matter. If you care about a person enough very few things can keep you apart and distance is merely another trip that has yet to be taken.


I wanted to write this entry to give a little hope to those who doubt such relationships. I know that when I began mine everyone around me told me it wouldn’t work. Two years later and I’ll be visiting him next weekend for his 22nd birthday and I’m making cupcakes (I hope he doesn’t read this before then because it’s a surprise!).