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Lou-a-vul, Kentucky

Patricia Schiotis on Wednesday, 04 July 2012. Posted in Co-op

Happy 4th of July! My latest #pattieinthenati adventures brought me to “Lou-a-vul” Kentucky.  Louisville was one of the destinations on my “Nati Bucket List” and since one of my best friends was visiting Louisville last weekend, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to venture on down there.

My first stop was at the Louisville Slugger Museum, which is also a factory that producse the Louisville Sluggers used by baseball players of all ages, including my New York Yankee Idol, Derek Jeter!  I went on a factory tour and got to see firsthand how all the bats used to be made, and how they are made now.  Fun fact: the major league bats are made on CNC or “Computer Number Controlled” machines, which were basically identical to the CNC machines found in the Brinkman Machine Tools and Manufacturing Lab found in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering! If you ever visit RIT, you will be taken past this lab, and although RIT does not make major league baseball bats, they can produce fabricated parts with ease compared to the traditional methods of a machine shop.  During the tour, we also passed the machine shop that made the bats before the CNC upgrade, and it was awesome being able to walk through the factory and knowing I have worked on machines like that before!  Which got me wondering, Do they hire co-ops? #Dreamjob

factory   bat   IMG_1007

After the museum, I traveled around the City to find Jenna, who was at our Sorority’s national convention for the week.  She and another sister of mine, Misty, took part in many Zeta workshops and awards ceremonies while staying in Louisville.  At one of the ceremonies, our chapter won “Best Website!”  Perks of going to a GREAT tech school! Jenna and Misty had a free afternoon, so they first took us around the ZTA history exhibit and I got to see our chapter’s link in the ZTA chain of chapters, which has a link for all the collegiate chapters! Then Jenna showed us the “flag” which represents the Iota Psi chapter at RIT!  After viewing these exhibits, we were on a walking adventure around the city, which was highlighted by finding the “KFC” man in one of the visitor’s centers!

295183_10150894177470812_822418946_n     flag   528136_10150894178395812_213231075_n

Jenna and Misty had a dinner to attend in the evening, so then I went to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby!  Being from the capital region, I am already a horse race fan after many trips to the Saratoga Racetrack, but let me tell you, Churchill Downs is HUGE but still has the same horses running around.  The first race that I watched, I didn’t even look at the names or odds and picked the 6 horse to Win… guess what? HE WON.  Made a quick $20.  I watched a few more races after that, losing a total of $10 on my bets, and then there was a $10 entrance fee so overall, I got to visit Churchill Downs for free!


After the long adventures of the day, I went back to visit Jenna again, and have some major catch-up time, and got to hang out with her roommates who were from another ZTA chapter in South Carolina.  It is so cool how much we had in common with her roommates!  In the morning I drove back to Cincinnati, and when I got back, I purchased my plane tickets to visit Rochester for the July College and Careers!  College and Careers is by far my favorite program to work at for admissions, and I am a little more bias towards it because I attended college and careers as a rising senior in high school and it helped my decision to enroll here for college. SO glad my dad pushed me to attend!  I was able to learn so much about the campus, meet high schoolers from different areas making the same decisions as me, and got to attend different academic sessions which ultimately helped solidify my decision to apply as an Engineer to all the colleges!  For more information on college and careers or to register: Click Here

Besides these fun adventures, I am still working during the day at GE Aviation. You know you love your job when you are actually excited to get up in the morning to go there.  I am working in the Instrumentation Engineering group, mainly working on light probes for different GE engines!  I think the most exciting part about my co-op is knowing that the actually engineering work I am working on will benefit the group.  I am not just doing mindless desk work, but able to work in the labs and even go over into the manufacturing area, so I get to see some of the engines being worked on, first hand!  Now every time a plane flies overhead, I always wonder “I wonder if it is powered by and GE engine system!”