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Lunch at Henry's

Alissa Anderson on Monday, 19 November 2012. Posted in Coursework, Dining

BUCKET LIST: Henry’s Restaurant


If you have taken a campus tour you probably noticed the dining diversity on campus - from soup & salad at Nathan's; computer themed hot sandwiches at CTRL ALT DELi; margaritas & tacos at Salsaritas; to a burgers & fries in the RITZ.  These eateries are just a few of the common dining options used by students. If you know anyone majoring in Hotel & Hospitality, you know there is an unlisted eatery that most students don’t even know about! Henry’s Restaurant is located on the 4th floor of the George Eastman Building and is only open on Tuesday and Thursday for lunch. The Restaurant is staffed by students enrolled in “Restaurant Operations” to learn the front and back of the house restaurant operations. Seating is limited and you need to make a reservation to dine in this area - making it (in my opinion) that much more exclusive. I have been on campus for 5 years and never made it until Henry’s until last week. The food was amazing - and getting sit down menu service between classes was a great change of pace to the typical daily grind during midterm week.

For more on Henry's and other events in the department check out the RIT School of Hospitality and Service Management twitter @RITHSM 

See you at lunch,