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mac n' cheese: the blue box

Alissa Anderson on Wednesday, 07 July 2010. Posted in Coursework, Dining, Majors & Minors, Student Life

For those who like to travel, I have a beautiful story for you. Unfortunately I have not managed to get out of the country yet but I did manage to get down to NYC over the July holiday.

College has its pluses… mostly because campus is composed of thousands of students from hundreds of countries around the world. Currently on campus we have over 95 countries representing and all 50 states. I used my connection to get check out NYC and life in New Jersey (adventurous, right?)

Now,when I travel to a new city or state - even when I did my college search, I like to test out the culture of the location I am in. This means experiencing the community’s fads, foods, and sites. For New Jersey this meant driving to Sonic and witnessing the waiters serve customers ON ROLLERBLADES. I then drove over to Rutgers University to visit another Zeta Tau Alpha chapter to see how the sisterhood compared to mine at RIT. 
























Wile visiting I was introduced to the NJ specialty… a “Grease Truck.” Similar to a Garbage Plate, the Grease Truck takes the cake for top-ten-things-you-should-never-eat-over-3000-calories-edition. The GT is composed of French fries, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, chicken tenders, and BBQ sauce loaded up on a giant roll. Some may argue it is more portable than a Garbage Plate, but it pales in comparison.


After the Jersey experience, I took the train into the city with a few girl friends and witnessed the best ad campaign I have ever seen. For those of you going into Advertising Public Relation majors take note. Kraft has a new campaign fortheir blue box of mac n’cheese in Penn. Station. The advertisements were giant blue posters with a single noodle with an inspiring quote written next to it. Things like “out grown out growing it”; “next stop: dinner”; “ready in 8 New York minutes”; and my favorite (posted on a staircase) “fortunately, our recipe has few steps.” Best advertising I have ever seen… I’m sure t was an RIT grad….so impressive that we were inspired to go to S’macs for dinner, a gourmet mac n’cheesery.



Finally we rounded out the day with a cup-cake bakery (Edward vs Jacob??), and 16Handles ice-cream shop.




Overall it was a weekend of awesome food, great company, and one more reason to go to RIT and make friends in great places ;)