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Making the College Decision

Patricia Schiotis on Thursday, 25 February 2010. Posted in Student Life

At this time of the year, many high school students are deciding what College to attend in the fall.  I remember just two years ago, but I was in the same situation.  I was anxiously awaiting my acceptance letters in the mail to see what colleges were interested in having me attend.  Luckily, I got accepted to all four universities I applied to.  Now the hard part sank in, what school was I actually going to attend.  Of the four schools I applied to, I had visited three of them, so I easily eliminated one choice.  So I had three schools left to decide between.


So I begin looking over the facts, my financial aid packages, and my experiences while I was actually on the three campuses.  I remember totally disliking one school, and the tour was not stimulating at all.  Thus I was left with two schools to decide between.  Then I remembered my experiences while visiting the RIT campus.


I first visited the RIT campus the summer before my senior year.  My dad applied for me to attend the College and Careers activity put on by the admissions department every year.  While in my junior year of high school, I did absolutely no research into colleges.  The only thing I ever did was read the labels on the massive amounts of mail I received from various colleges and universities around the country.  With nothing in mind of what to expect, I attend the college and careers and boy was I surprised.


I remember my visit impression of RIT was “wow there are a lot of bricks.”  But once I got pasted the appearance, I begin to unload my belongings for a night’s stay in one of the residential halls.  I then took part in many fun activities and learned a lot about the RIT campus and some of the academic programs that were offered. 


Since RIT was my first school I actually visited, I kept my options opened, and when it came down to a decision, I just remember always comparing the other schools to RIT.  It was then I realized I knew where I wanted to attend.  I then attended one of the acceptance student open houses at RIT, just to make sure I really wanted to attend.  Once I got back on campus, I knew I wanted to be here the next fall.  Before I left the campus that afternoon, I had paid my housing deposit, thus actually confirming where I was going to attend.  Once that occurred, I knew I had made the right decision, and since then, I have had no regrets.  I knew RIT was the place for me, and I can never see myself attending any other college or university.