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Chemical Engineering
South Londonderry VT

Making the most of a co-op

Danielle Nutter on Wednesday, 12 December 2012.

I just started my 4th co-op and I realized how much they have changed my outlook on school and the field I am about to enter. When I was a freshmen my idea of a co-op was a job that eventually set me up for a full time job when I graduate. I was very wrong about this and my idea really changed after my first experience.

My first co-op was at a small company in Ohio.The company was great they did mostly electrical engineering but many of the managers were chemical engineers due to the different situations they faced. The one thing I really wanted to get out of the co-op was to see what a chemical engineer really does. Although some might say my experience was a waste of time because the company really had a focus on the electrical side, I think I learned something really important. I learned what I didn't like, and what field of chemical engineering I am not interested in. So I did something really different for my next co-op.

My second, third and now fourth co-op has been at Anheuser-Busch and I have really enjoyed working here. I really enjoy the work I am doing and I feel like this is something I could do when I graduate. I feel like I’m headed in a better direction for my interests. I have found every co-op experience is a learning experience, whether it is good or bad, it will just push you in the right direction.