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Maroon 5 Balloons

Patricia Schiotis on Sunday, 01 November 2009. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

The College Activities Board hosts a number of events on campus, including major concerts.  This weekend, CAB is bringing Maroon 5 to the RIT Campus.  Once they officially announced that they were coming to campus, I went over to the RIT Box Office and purchased my ticket.  Being an RIT student, we received a discount off the normal ticket price since the event is held in our Gordon Field House and Activities Center.

But that wasn’t the only way to obtain a ticket for the concert.  Last week, CAB hung up bunches of Maroon balloons around the RIT campus.  Most people had no idea what was the purpose of these balloons, but I was lucky enough to have one of my friends explain the contest to be.  Hidden in a few of the balloons were vouchers for a free Maroon 5 ticket.  Although I had already purchased my ticket, I just wanted to win a free ticket.  So I began my hunt.  Every time I saw a patch of balloons, I would run over to them and start popping.  Many people judged me, but I just wanted to win.  I was not having any luck, but that did not stop me.

On Thursday, I was eating lunch and we saw some CAB girls walk out of their office with two more sets balloons to hang up.  My friends and I immediately ended our lunch and followed the girls around campus while they hung up the balloons.  We had to wait for them to tie them off before we could pop them.  The first set was popped and I did not win, but one of my friends got a free ticket!  There was still hope in that last set.  We caught up to the CAB girls as they continued to walk around campus.  Once they finally hung up the second set, we popped them, and out of one of the balloons I popped was the free ticket voucher!  I snatched it up and finally WON!

Since I already had my ticket, I gave it away to one of my friends (fellow admissions ambassador Alissa Anderson).   I didn’t really care about getting a free ticket, I just wanted to win.  And after popping about thirty balloons, victory was achieved!