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Me + Free Food= AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arthur Johnston on Wednesday, 20 December 2006.

Now any one who knows me can tell you two things about me.

1. I love American musicals

2. I love free food

Now earlier this week something that I loved happened and to give you hint there was no singing nor dancing. At the admissions office, where I work, had a Christmas party that involved a lasagna and chocolate and yummy. Now this alone would make me happy but what was even better was that not all of this food was devoured so the next day at work we had lasagna again.

The only other thing that's happening this week is 3 tests and a project. Now one would think that of the many topics I could pontificate on the tests and project would be way more interesting. One would be correct but one would have regrettably made the error of assuming that one would wish to speak of what one ruminates on. That ain't so. So all I will say of the tests is that at least they were interesting and after the last one I get to go home. Which is sweet.