Meet Riley!!!

Riley Joslin on Saturday, 17 September 2016. Posted in Student Life

Hello people of the world! This is my first blog post! Today, I’m just introducing myself and telling you how I’ve spent my time here at RIT so far.

I’m Riley - your typical, crazy, overwhelmed, sleep-deprived college student. I’m a second-year double-major (which explains the sleep-deprivation), studying Advertising Photography and New Media Design here at RIT. I’m originally from a small town, Lowville, in Upstate New York (the real Upstate). I graduated from Beaver River Central School in 2015 with a class of 74 students. To put it in perspective – in my county, the cows outnumber the people. So I’m glad to be here at RIT in an environment where the opportunities are endless, which I’ll be writing an entire blog post on in the future.

At school, during my free time (although it may be limited), I play intramural volleyball, soccer, and pickleball. I’ve also had four on-campus jobs - all at one time)! Some of these positions included Sports Photographer, Student Ambassador, Graphic Designer, and Social Media Assistant for various RIT departments such as RIT Athletics, Undergraduate Admissions, Center for Residence Life, and Student Government. Most of these positions are related to my field of study and are great experience to put on my resume... and it doesn't hurt to have some extra income. I can also honestly say that I have been very passionate about every job I’ve had on campus, and have tried to go above and beyond the ‘job requirements’ as an effort in starting to leave my (small) impression on RIT.

That’s another great thing about RIT – the professional staff treats the students like professionals as well. It’s intimidating at first, being held to such high standards, but the payoff is truly astonishing. Students are making big changes and, like I mentioned earlier, leaving their impact on RIT as a University and community. A prime example is my friend Andrea, who is also a Student Ambassador. She is also the President of Student Government this year. I was fortunate enough to work with her last year in order to see her dedication and commitment first hand, but it’s relieving knowing that the Student Body is in great hands. I mention her because she works as a professional, with other professionals and RIT administrators, and is actually involved in the process of searching for our new President at RIT. So again, just trying to highlight the importance students can make and how their roles can play a huge part in RIT’s success.