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MFF and co-op season

Alissa Anderson on Sunday, 06 June 2010. Posted in Advising & Support, Co-op, Coursework, Women at RIT

Just returned from mandatoryfamily fun (MFF) week in the Anderson household – so I am totally ready for theblogging to begin. I just finished my second year at RIT… and the word on thestreet is that the second year for Mechanical Engineering is the hardest so Iam crossing my fingers that this is true and taking a much needed vacation.Funny part is my vacation is six months long (holler!) because I am starting myfirst co-op tomorrow morning followed by a second in the fall.

Tomorrow I start working at KnollsAtomic Power Lab in Albany, NY. In August I will move out to East Aurora(Buffalo, NY) and work with one of my fabulous girl friends at Moog.

Therefore most of my blogs thisseason will probably be co-op oriented…. And Buffalo oriented when I move out west.I am going to start the “Buffalo Bucket-List” in the fall and it will be acompilation of all things Buffalo and my reactions. Right now my list consistsof “Mighty Taco” and a Sabers game – if anyone has any other suggestions, any“must do” Buffalo activities, let me know by replying to my blog!


Let me back up and start from thebeginning of the co-op experience: Finding a co-op

Finding a co-op is probably themost nerve racking experience of your second year on campus. Not because it isdifficult (there is a multitude of ways to find a job), but because there areso many options and so many new experiences associated with a co-op that it isstressful to find the perfect one. Do I wear a suit to the career fair? Do Ineed a portfolio? Do I really want to live in Nebraska? Do I dare live at homewith mom and dad? What if I don’t know what to do this company is asking?


Good news is you will be pairedwith a great co-op advisor who can answer all these questions and to step youthrough the process.


There are three major ways tofind a co-op

1.     TheJob Fair – twice a year the job fair is held in the field house and suppliesboth full-time and co-op opportunities for all majors on campus. All you needis a suit, a smile, and a free hour for interviews the next day

2.     JobZone – For those of us with class during the fair, you can also apply forpositions online via job zone. Companies will post openings and you can postyour resume in return.

3.     PersonalConnections – Are your parents in the industry? Friends of the family? Anyoneyou know can always forward a resume for you. RIT is a well-known name and mostcompanies are looking for summer interns to help out. So just ask around andget your name out there. I found my first co-op during a tour I was giving –when a dad asked me for my resume because he just happened to need a secondyear mechanical student who lived in Albany.


These are a few notes just toease your mind about the co-op search; I will go more in depth with the blogsto come. But for now, keep it classy and enjoy the summer.