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Mighty Taco

Alissa Anderson on Tuesday, 14 September 2010. Posted in Life After RIT, Student Life

Week three of the co-op and going strong. Alice and I have been slacking on the Buffalo Bucket List... but we did manage to cross a MAJOR goal off our list: Might Taco. 

For those reading from outside the 716, Mighty Taco is a Buffalonian version of Taco Bell. Natives argue that it is the greatest concoction of beef, beans, cheese to ever grace the earth. So, in my quest to be a true Buffalover, I cut out of work and headed to mighty on Friday for lunch. 

I will admit, the burrito was unlike any I have ever tasted... however I think I may stick to my Rochester roots and support the local TBell or Moes when I get back to campus. 

Other mexican options on campus include: taco night at Commons; the Taco Bar in the Ritz (popular spot for TACO TUESDAY); taco/burrito special night at CrossRoads; and Salsarita's in Global Village! 

Off campus RIT is close to Moes, Chipotle, and John's Tex-Mex downtown. 

For those from Buffalo living on campus: you are about 61 minutes away from the nearest Mighty if you need your super mighty fix!