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Movin' Out

Josh Kramer on Thursday, 20 May 2010. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life

If you don't know already, we are almost done with finals week here at RIT. People are getting less sleep, procrastinating, and trying to cram 10 weeks of knowledge into their minds. At the same time, in the dorms, people are packing up their rooms, taking their nametags off their doors, and moving out.

It's quite sad to see everyone leaving, and knowing that the halls will never be the same again. I was just looking back on my first blog on the Admission's website and realized that I said the exact same thing. Summer is very bittersweet. It's great to not need to think for a while, but knowing I never will be living with the same people as neighbors again is sad.

Next year is going to be awesome, though. I am not going to be an RA again, so I can work more in the Admissions office (which means that, although I need to pay for housing, I get more spending money, which I will try to not spend all of). I also am going to be living in Perkins, one of the on-campus apartments. I was really surprised that I actually got the spot since it is so competitive, but no complaints!

It's a beautiful day outside today, so I'm going to go enjoy it. I'll try to be productive with my summer, but we will need to see how it turns out. Stay tuned to see if I actually am productive!