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Moving Back to RIT

Patricia Schiotis on Monday, 03 September 2012. Posted in Co-op, Student Life

Today marks the first day of classes and summer officially ending.  It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago, I was living in Cincinnati and finishing up my co-op with GE Aviation.  Although I loved my co-op experience, it is a great feeling being back on campus.

For my last week as #pattieinthenati, I had a lot of free time to enjoy the Cincinnati area.  One of the places I visit was the “Hofbrauhaus” located in Newport, KY.  Newport is located directly across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati.  What is unique about the Hofbrauhaus is that there is also a location of this eatery in Munich Germany!  One of my friends actually visited the location in Munich this summer!

To drive me back to Rochester, my twin sister flew down to visit me and road trip back.  When she landed, I made my second trip to the Cincinnati Zoo this summer.  After the zoo, My twin and I met up with my friend Paulina and we headed down to yet another Reds game.  The Reds were playing their divisional rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals.  Before we went to the game, we had dinner at “Toby Keith’s I <3 This Bar & Grill.”  For any country fans out there, this is a must visit place.

The next morning we packed up my car and began our journey back to Rochester.  Instead of making the 8+ hour journey in one day, we decided to stay overnight in Cleveland.  The main reason why we choose Cleveland? The Yankees were in town!  After all the Reds game I went to this summer I was so excited to finally see my Yankees play again!  After we stayed the night, my twin and I visited the Rock N Roll hall of fame before finishing our journey.  For one of my liberal arts courses, I took a “fine arts music” class, and was excited to see displays from some artists I learned about in that course!

Once I got back to RIT, I quickly moved back into my apartment and began visiting my friends whom I’ve missed this summer.  After I moved myself in, I volunteered with freshman move in last Wednesday.  It’s hard to believe that 4 years ago, I was moving to RIT for the first time.  I loved interacting with the families and helping the students unload their cars and begin their college journey.  The best part about move in was seeing RIT's President Destler helping new students move into their residence halls.  During move in, there was a car from Connecticut that sounded like there was a cat stuck inside the bumper.  I found out today that the kitten actually survived the 6+ hour journey and is now recovering in one of the local animal rescues! 

It is hard to believe that this will be my last time ever moving back to RIT.  I still cannot believe I am officially a 5th year student and will graduate in May.  Although I will have a tough course load, I plan to make the most of my last year in college while beginning the process of applying to full time jobs.  I’m curious to see where I will end up after I have earned my degree and where I will begin the next stage of my life.