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My Awesome Summer Job

Adam Richlin on Thursday, 26 July 2007. Posted in Co-op

This summer, I'm working in NYC for a film production company called Batwin + Robin Productions. They do all sorts of film and video projects, for instance we are working on doing the video inserts for the Harley-Davidson Museum, video production for the Walt Disney Museum, the Library of Congress, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, etc. (Well those are all the projects going at the moment anyway).

I am a general intern, so I'm bouncing between the producers for the projects, the editors, and the other office staff... I just take whatever jobs I can find. Most of my work at the moment is split between the Harley-Davidson project and Radio City.

The Harley Project is more like a regular film production project. We are doing all of the videos in the Harley Museum in Milwaukee, WI. So you know how you pass the little monitors in the wall in museums? Thats what we are doing. We go through archive footage and collect appropriate materials, as well as shoot some of our own. My first project when I got here was to hire a crew for a shoot that my boss was directing in Nashville, TN. Now I have never been there, nor do I know any Directors of Photography down there. But I called around and found a crew. (I was pretty proud of myself) More recently, they just left for a shoot in Montana to follow a Posse Ride (ie- 200 guys on motorcycles) across the mid-west and film the journey. Sadly, no one baught the intern a plane ticket.

For the Radio City project, we are producing all the content on an LED wall in the Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular. Yes, its July and they are already well into production for the show!

The wall we are working on is 90ft by 40ft in UHD (thats 7,200 pixels by 4,800 pixels... innssaaanely high resolution!) and it covers the whole back of the stage. The thing is absolutely monstrous! We had to choreograph the rotation/movement of a bus on stage to an animated tour of NYC on the video wall. That animation is being provided by another production company, Guava.

So I took a trip with my boss, Chris, to Radio City to watch a test of the wall, and I got to take some pictures:
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

and a grand panorama from the 5th floor, to give you a sense of scale:

The colors on the wall are stunning!

(and yes, I did get to meet a few of the rockettes)