My Before-I-Graduate-Bucket List!

Christina Brooks on Friday, 13 December 2013. Posted in Student Life

I graduate this upcoming May and there is still so much I want to do here at RIT! Here's my list I've come up with of everything I want to do while I'm still a student!

-Go climbing at the Red Barn

-Go to the RIT pool

-Do a 5k

-Run around the loop

-Spend time at Lake Ontario

-Visit the abandoned subway station downtown

-Do a hackathon sort of thing

-Go to a EGS Lan Party

-Play HvZ

-Make a mark on campus

-Go ice skating

-Go to the Eastman House

-Explore Mt. Hope Cemetery

-Go to Corning Museum of Glass

-See a movie at The Little Theatre

-Go to a local festival

-Visit the local zoo

-Go on a hike somewhere nearby 


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