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My Biggest Adventure

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 25 February 2009. Posted in Study Abroad

Tomorrow I leave for Oaxaca, Mexico! I'm waking up at 2:30 (aka I might just not go to sleep...I have a final to write!) Our first flight is from Laguardia to Detroit then Detroit to Mexico City then Mexico City to Oaxaca. For somebody who has never been west of Buffalo, this is a big deal.

We get there tomorrow late afternoon so we're not doing much. Friday we have a walking tour of the city and then a dinner. Saturday we are going to a market for the entire day. Sunday we are going to see the Tule Tree which is some giant tree in Oaxaca. After that we are going to another market then in the afternoon we are going to this rug making place. Monday is a free day for us to do whatever and take pictures. Tuesday we are going to Monte Alban, an archeological site. Wednesday we're exploring some villages and Thursday we come home.