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Amanda Williams on Wednesday, 30 July 2008. Posted in Life After RIT, Student Life

Less than two months ago I was sitting in the field house and thinking is it really over?  I felt like I was just sitting in the same chair listening to Professor Jenkins telling RIT’s incoming freshman of 2004 what potential they had over the next four years. Now I was listening to Provost Stan McKinsey bidding us farewell. 


2008 Commencement

I will be bloggin as an alumna, I graduated in February with a BS in graphic media marketing.  I was a Hudson Explorer before my time at RIT, coming from a small town between Cleveland and Akron Ohio.  I was born outside of Syracuse on Skaneateles Lake.  My parents have since moved back to skan town so now I have two hometowns.

One word of advice: GET INVOVLED!  Being involved in RIT and the community will be very beneficial for you.  At RIT I was officer in the Lowenthal Group, a Student Ambassador, helped reform the AMA (american marketing association), in PUB, served on the student executive board, volunteered, and swam.  There will be more to come about these activities later.  

After graduation?  I stayed in Rochester, and I am working for a software security company, Lenel.  Students might complain about Rochester, something to do with the weather I think.  But staying in Rochester has given me the chance to enjoy the things I never had time to.  In the fall I’ll be starting grad school at RIT, thankfully my company will help foot the bill, im sure my parents are glad to hear J  I’ll be getting an MBA, concentrating in Environmentally Sustainable Management and International Management. 

Since I don't have a picture yet I thought I would give you one from graduation...


My Sisters and Cousins

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