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MY first day at Miami Beach!!

Emalee Shae on Wednesday, 09 June 2010. Posted in Co-op, Institute Requirements, Life After RIT, Majors & Minors, Student Life, Women at RIT

I got to Miami Beach on May 31st, which isMemorial Day, so of course there were no parking spots to be found. It took mydad and I about 45 minutes to find a parking spot just to unload my stuff intomy new apartment.

Once my dad and I were finished unloading the car we decidedto get some food and to my dismay there is no Wegman’s in Miami. There ishowever a Publix, which is all right I guess. But man, I really wish I knew howto speak Spanish because EVERYONE here speaks Spanish fluently. I can’t goanywhere in Miami with hearing Spanish or having someone trying to have aconversation with me in Spanish. So hopefully by the end of my co-op I’ll knowsome Spanish!


After my dad and I spent a long day unpacking my car andgrocery shopping; we decided to get a bite to each. We literally walked allover Miami Beach trying to find a restaurant that was cheap and vegetarian. Weprobably walked around for about an hour until we found a really cute Greek restaurant.They actually made hummus at our table in front of us!! It was awesome! Thefood was delicious and affordable!

We got back by 9PM and Iwas ready to pass out since my first day at BKC was the next day!! Wish meluck!