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My first day working for THE KING

Emalee Shae on Wednesday, 09 June 2010. Posted in Co-op, Life After RIT, Student Life, Women at RIT

My first day at BKC was so nerve wracking because this is myfirst co-op ever! I ended up arriving almost an hour early! I felt soembarrassed that I ended up reading a book I left in my car to kill time. Whenit was finally 8:10 I got out of my car to be welcomed by the awesome Miamihumidity. As I got in the building I saw about 6 other college students thatlooked just as nervous as I was. After seeing their faces just as nervous as meI felt at least slightly better. The other interns are actually pretty cool andthe ages range from 19-24, which is pretty sweet (since I thought I was goingto be the only intern under 21). All of a sudden a women came to us and it was like someone muted theentire building because we all fell silent as we saw her. She told us to followher to the elevator where we would have our orientation. Let the day begin.


As we all walked in the conference room there were 3 tableswith our names on them. At my table was a boy from North Carolina, a girl fromMiami, and a boy from Spain.  Theywere all pretty cool and I could tell that this was going to be a fun time! Theorientation was pretty long but we got a free Tex Mex lunch, which wasdelicious because it was catered. 

After orientation I met my manager and she was pretty cool.She’s been working at BKC for 10 years. So basically any of the Iron Man 2packaging and the Eclipse packaging she designed.

The rest of my day was pretty sweet. I toured around my newdepartment and met everyone in the Global Operations department. I candefinitely tell this is going to be a life altering summer.