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My First Week Back

Becky Drexler on Tuesday, 01 September 2015. Posted in Clubs, Community Service, Fraternity / Sorority Life, Student Life

All right, so Week 1 is already done and the fall semester is underway. I can't believe this is my third year at RIT! Whoa, I'm starting to feel old.

For me, this is actually the first year where I am already comfortably settled into my major. Freshman year, I was new to campus, didn't know anyone in my major, or where to go for class. Then, at the end of my freshman year, I switched my major from Civil Engineering Technology to New Media Design. Last fall, I was again new to my major, didn't know anyone in my classes, or where to go. This year I am really excited to see my friends in class. I have a few repeat professors, and am looking forward to having their classes again too.

Some semesters are tougher than others. This will be a bit of an easier schedule for me compared to last semester. In an attempt to catch up from switching my major, last semester I took a lot of classes – several of which were night classes. Personally, I prefer an early start to the day followed by an early end. Having night classes last semester makes me appreciate the fact that I'll be done be 4pm every day this semester! Woo!

For my major, I'm taking New Media Elements II, 3D Design, Web Design and Implementation, and Surveying of Western Art and Architecture II. A majority of my classes from now on will be specifically New Media Design oriented. I'm also taking rock climbing for a wellness class credit. I'm beyond excited to rock climb every Wednesday (and hopefully get better at it).

Aside from classes, I also work on campus. As mentioned in one or two of my other blogs, I am a Student Ambassador for RIT's Office for Undergraduate Admissions. My part of that job is giving tours and meeting families from all over the place. I am also involved in Greek life on campus. Right now, the sororities are preparing for formal recruitment this fall. I also am planning on joining and volunteering for Recover Rochester. Recover Rochester aims to complete all necessary tasks in the operation of supplying soup kitchens with left over food from restaurants and food vendors. This includes contacting and finding food vendors that are willing to donate as well as soup kitchens that would accept food donations, gathering the food, ensuring the adequate preservation of the food until delivery, and delivering the food. Then, when I'm done doing all that, I hope to get some more rock climbing in, hang out with friends, and work on writing more blogs for admissions.

I find that I'm happier when I'm involved in a variety of activities. I keep myself very busy during the semester. I feel like I'm meeting fun and interesting people and I feel good about making time for service activities too. The variety of activities also helps keep me organized. If you're feeling a little disconnected at school, consider joining a club or taking on an activity.

I'm really excited for the semester, and wish everyone the best of luck with their classes this year! Welcome back!