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My Friends in my Freezer

Stacy Kowsz on Thursday, 22 March 2007. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

This is Stacy Jr. He is the snowman who lives in my freezer. My silly friend made him for us this weekend. I sort of wonder how long he will sit there in the freezer. Whenever I open the freezer door, it makes me happy to see this little mini snowman sitting there, perched next to Ben & Jerry's.
(p.s. Ben & Jerry are the loves of my life; I have been having serious cravings lately.)

Lesson to be learned here:
1) Who needs a boyfriend, when you can have icecream? (I think RIT must understand this, since there is Ben & Jerry's on campus and pints of Ben and Jerry's at the Corner Store. There is also Ben & Jerry's in my freezer; it appears there from my roommates. I wonder if they understand just how much I need that icecream; they probably do; that's probably why they let me eat it, because they fear my bad mood if I don't.)
2) If you are feeling lonely, you can always build yourself a snowman friend and keep him in your refrigerator. (Rochester generally offers plenty of snow for this type of activity, though I guess maybe I should start stockpiling friends, because spring is on the way. Also: a benefit to this type of friend is that so far I have found Stacy Jr. to be pleasant, unobtrusive, always there when I need him, and very agreeable. The one thing he isn't so great at is hugs and cuddles. Oh well; you can't have it all, all of the time.)