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My Hectic Vacation

Josh Kramer on Wednesday, 30 December 2009. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

I have had a hectic week. It probably doesn't help my exhaustion that I am writing this at 2am, and should get to sleep. Ah well, it's good practice for the next 8 weeks of school...

I live in southern Vermont, but after my finals I took a trip with my girlfriend to Burlington, VT (a northern city), and we had a nice dinner on Church St, and a nice brunch the next morning. That is the biggest reason I was considering UVM next to RIT when I made my college decision. RIT does not have a good college town. Park Point doesn't cut it, not even close.

I got to sleep in my bed at home for only one night because my family was going to Massachusetts. My father was having surgery on his kidney at Mass General Hospital, and we went to visit. After the surgery my mom and sister went back home, but my father and I stayed in the Boston area until he had healed a bit. I won't bore you with the details of my time there, but if you have ever spent a week with your grandparents you probably would know how it was.

I have now found my way to central New Jersey, where I am staying for the rest of break. I managed to be in my hometown for less than 48 hours this break. Today, I'm going into the Big Apple today to walk around and hang out with friends. If you are going to be there too, look for me!

Have a fun and safe New Years everyone!