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My Spring Break 2015

Becky Drexler on Monday, 30 March 2015. Posted in Vacation / Break

Being local, I was able to work on campus throughout spring break and also spend time at home.

My first night of spring break, I attended the men’s hockey semifinals for the conference championship at the BlueCross Arena in downtown Rochester. It was an incredible game that went down to the last few seconds. RIT pulled off an amazing win, and went on to win the championship the following night.

My night day, I went to a Ten Trip Raffle fundraiser with my family for my old school. Every ticket you bought put your name into raffles to win from 10 amazing all-inclusive trips. Various other prizes were also being raffled off and given away throughout the night. Unfortunately, that same night was the championship game for the conference.  I followed all the live tweets so I could stay up to date on the hockey game. Even though I missed the championship, I did win a free pizza and the complete collection of Harry Potter films in a raffle… so it wasn’t a complete loss on my part.

I spent most of my break at admissions giving tours and helping get everything together for our upcoming accepted students' open houses. Within 2 days, I helped stuff over 1,200 folders for the accepted students’ open house... pretty impressive – I know.

After work, I caught on some projects in the computer labs on campus. I taught myself how to use the pattern brush tool in illustrator (which makes me extremely happy). One night, I went out with my mom to see Cinderella in the movie theaters. We have a long going tradition of seeing chick flics and/or fairytale movies whenever I am home on break.

The Gene Polisseni Center also hosted a viewing party for the men’s sweet sixteen hockey game in the NCAA tournament. There was free food (they went all out – pizza, salad, fruit, cookies, the whole works). The game was displayed on the big screens on either end of the arena. All of this was free and open to the public. What made it even better was RIT’s upset win over the number 1 seed from Minnesota. The crowd was so into it – cheering and clapping and shouting.

To most people’s surprise, RIT won over the number 1 seed team to move on to the elite 8! So, for my last day of break, I went with a group of friends to a second viewing party in the Polisseni Center. Unfortunately, we did not move on to the final 4. The RIT men’s hockey team had a great season though and I couldn’t be prouder to be a tiger.