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My Top 5 Study Spots on Campus

Jessica Ramage on Monday, 27 October 2014. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

I have never been the type of person that has been able to study or get a lot of work done when I was in my apartment or a dorm. My desk has always felt too stiff to sit at for a long period of time. My bed, on the other hand, is too comfortable, and more often than not results in an unplanned nap. Add in the distraction of roommates, and you can see why my apartment turns into a productivity-sucking vortex. I quickly discovered that on campus, between classes was my personal prime time to get work done. Below, in no particular order, are my favorite places on campus to get work done!


  1. Java Wally’s. Java Wally’s is the coffee shop attached to the library, and where I was immediately first drawn to when I came to RIT. They make great coffee and snacks when you’re looking for that boost to get you through a tricky assignment, and because of the location right next to the library, it’s easy to get resources if you need them. In addition, Java’s has a really cool vibe, with lots of different seating and art all over the walls, which I really enjoy when I get to take a break. Java’s definitely can get loud, and there’s always lots of people socializing, so I am always sure to have headphones when I study here.

  2. The 3rd floor of the library. Without a doubt, this is where I head when I’m behind on something and I can’t afford to waste any time. Because of the way the library is laid out, with the bottom floor being the loudest and the bottom being the quietest, the third floor is completely free of distraction. There are some larger tables, as well as some great individual stations. I also love that most of the seating is near the windows, so you get natural light and something to occasionally look at.

  3. The 1st floor of the library. The first floor of the library is great when you need to meet with a group, or even when you want to hang out with some friends while you do some work. It’s never loud, but it is the ‘talking floor’ of the library so it’s fine to be at a normal level of noise. One thing I love about the first floor is the abundance of electrical outlets. There are quite a few tables, or collaboration stations, where they are built in, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug your computer in.

  4. Outside in Global Village. The weather in Rochester is not always ideal for spending time outside, so when it is you should take advantage of it! Global Village is filled with tables, chairs, and even lounging areas outside that make a great place to enjoy the sun and get some work done. I also really like how many places there are to eat in the area, so it’s easy if you want to grab a meal, a smoothie, or even some bubble tea while you work.

  5. Midnight Oil. When the weather isn’t so nice out, my favorite spot in Global Village is Midnight Oil, which is a coffee shop. They have a fireplace that is usually going in the winter that makes a super cozy atmosphere. While I think Java’s has my favorite coffee, Midnight Oil definitely has the advantage with snacks. Midnight Oil is also open much later, so it’s a nice night-time study place.