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my weekend

Arthur Johnston on Monday, 11 September 2006. Posted in Athletics, Clubs

It's only Monday of second week and school is already starting to get busy. One of my classes has me creating a mock up of how the software of a cd player works and dovetailing with that another class has me trying to predict next month's consumer sales of electronics. Obviously both of these project are pretty time consuming but they aren't due for a few weeks. I am trying to start them now so that I won't have an end of quarter crunch like I do every quarter when I don't budget my time properly.

On another not this quarter is sort of weird with the classes I'm taking. One of them is a computer programming class and the other three involve making predictions as a manager, making predictions as an economist, and my last class involves deciding how to measure the predicted results of managers and economists so some of my homework is blurring together. It is kind of cool when your classes all affect each other but it's eerie when three different professors tell you the same thing in three different classes. On the bright side it makes studying really easy.

Extracurricularly speaking my plate is pretty full, OCASA is planning a fall movie drive-in showing “The Big Lebowski” and we are also working on helping freshman get there licenses in New York state by helping them get prelicensed, sort of a driver's ed for college students. All this weekend I was busy with crew stuff. We had a meeting to recruit novice on Friday and Saturday and we also had a two hour practice on Saturday. After that I sort of went to bed at 9:30 PM Saturday and woke up at 11:30 AM Sunday did homework for a few hours and then took a three hour nap. So I feel pretty caught up on my sleep. Speaking of practice I have to go to the gym now.