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New and exciting (and difficult)

Joan McDonough on Friday, 07 November 2014. Posted in Coursework

Learning is exhilarating. As a journalism student at RIT, I have an incredible opportunity to branch out into different areas of study to supplement my writing and editing classes. I get to dabble in design, web development/design, publishing and photography to name just a few. Journalism isn't all about writing anymore; I'll need the whole package when I get out into the "real world" and RIT is preparing me for (hopefully) anything that can be thrown at me.

When I have a chance to explore a new aspect of what will soon be my field of work, I'm all in. Right now I'm taking a class about digital photography where I learn to use my camera correctly and how I can get exactly what I need out of a photo. Photography is so much harder than it looks, though. I thought it'd be a breeze but boy, was I wrong. Not only do I have an even greater respect for photographers, but I get a chance to improve my skills with guidance from incredible teachers and peers.

As it turns out, I love photography; I'll just need to spend some extra time with my camera and more knowledgable friends to get a firm footing. When you're trying out a new class or area of study, don't be worried if it doesn't come to you right away. Lots of things worth learning take time and a ton of effort. Maybe at the end you'll decide that it isn't any fun, maybe you'll discover it's what you were born to do or maybe you'll fall somewhere in between. Whatever the outcome, you'll learn more about yourself and the world around you which is always worth a little elbow grease.