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New classes!

Erin Supinka on Monday, 10 September 2012.

It feels so great to be back. I'm back at the Admissions office, back at the Student Government office and even started some new positions on campus that I am super stoked about (more about that in a different post).

Even my classes are pretty awesome. Three out of my classes so far are considered "hands on" learning. To translate this, I'm working with projects and people who really know what they're talking about.

In my News Production Management class, I'm working with a professor who is still involved with Gannet and teaches in the evening because he enjoys it. In that class we're going to be working with a program in Rochester called “Let’s Move ROC Kids!". It’s run out the Democrat and Chronicle.

The best way I can describe it is a sort of gamification approach to getting kids out and being active as well as eating well. We're going to be working on producing content, publishing the content etc. for the project.

Not to mention some of our class meetings will be held here, at the Strong Museum of Play. Talk about awesome! (PS. just found out I get a free pass to go to the Strong Museum whenever I want for the next six months) They’ve offered up basically all of their resources to help make our project absolutely rockin’.

He's also buying pizza for our Wednesday classes because it's during dinner time...that's just an added bonus now. Easy to say I am unbelievably excited for this class to really get going.

In my Digital Entrepreneurship class, my professor Vic Perotti, is undoubtedly one of the best ever. I'm finally getting to take a class with him. My friends and colleagues have told me it is an absolute must when at RIT.

We're going to be working using DigEnt. Look up Digital Entrepreneurship. RIT and the DigEnt site will be the very first thing to show up on Google. Tell me that's not awesome?!

The class has a ton of buzz-not just at RIT- but from so many people outside RIT as well. My professor built the DigEnt site himself and it now has about 1,000 users. A ton, considering it began as a source for a class and class members. It has information and articles and so much more on what the digital and entrepreneurship "spaces" are doing right now and how they are coming to work together.

Another class, Internet Marketing, my professor opened up with saying if we come to him at the end of the quarter saying we didn’t like or learn anything from the class, he’d give us an “A”. Later, he also said he’d quit teaching and go back to live in Australia-he misses the beaches there and none compare here.

I mean, first of all, awesome. Second of all, awesome. Just from one class, his approach told me I’m going to not only have a great time in class but learn a ton as well. Especially when he said “This class is like Vegas, what happens in Internet Marketing, stays in Internet Marketing.”

What he meant was that our discussions, our examples, our ideas are protected by classes. No stealing or developing someone else’s great ideas. What this translates to me is that a bunch of brilliant ideas have come from this class in previous years and I can’t wait to become apart of another one.

Both of these classes are project based, so really something we create in class could become something real. Like my professor Vic Perotti said, “RIT is just like all the campuses producing these great start ups. It’s set and prime for that next great thing. You have a great advantage to be here, now, exploring this space.”

I’ve got to agree with him. There is no better time to be where I am now, at RIT, doing what I’m doing, learning what I’m learning and creating things that could change the world.

Make sure to follow along as these classes develop, here! If you’re interested in the DigEnt site, check it out! And follow the the #digent hashtag on Twitter for class discussions and content we share.

And always, you can follow my day-to-day shenanigans here!