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New Experiences on Campus

Sandra Malinowski on Friday, 08 January 2016. Posted in Clubs

Though I am only a second year student here at RIT, I have never been more busy in my life! During the fall semester, I was in meetings, club gatherings, and soccer games almost every night of the week, which was kind of new for me. Not clubs so much, but I was interested in going Greek this year. One of my friends had convinced me to check out Greek Life on campus. I looked into some of the social fraternities that were offered, but I wanted something different. I started looking at the Business Fraternity on campus, DSP and the Graphic Arts Fraternity, GET. These two academic fraternities have very high standards, and I did not anticipate being interviewed by fellow peers! When I reflect back on these interviews now, I recognize that they were good preparation for future jobs. They asked questions that I have had potential employers ask of me. So, if you want to be part of these academic fraternities, be prepared for interviews.

On another note, the first time I have taken part in soccer was on campus this fall! I was invited to be part of someone’s team and every Friday we met up for practice and every Tuesday night we play against another team. The games do get heated even though they are only intramural sports. The teams that we competed against were fierce, but we played our best. I’ll say one thing, doing intramurals is a great stress reliever because for an hour all you are focused on is making sure the team doesn’t score on your goalie.

Anyway, I guess what I am getting at is that even as a second year student, you still discover new things to be a part of on campus. I discovered intramural soccer and Greek life, and am so glad I joined these groups! No matter your year level at RIT, there is always something new to explore and try out!