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Kahle Toothill on Wednesday, 15 March 2006. Posted in Academic Calendar, Advising & Support, Coursework, Residence Life

A lot has been going on since I last wrote. Here's a quick recap: I survived a very hard Week 10 and finals week. Then my parents came up to help me move out of my Perkins aparatment and get furniture into storage. I then went home for about 10 days and relaxed, hung out, relaxed, went to a concert, had some more fun and then packed to go back up to school. When I got back I moved into a new apartment in UC (its on the other side of campus). I LOVE everything about it. I love my roomies and how nice it is and the location and everything. I'll post some pictures up soon! We're half way through week one and my classes and going well. I'm taking Beginning Spanish 3, College Physics 3, Marine Biology and Genetic Engineering. GE is a 5 credit course, as opposed to the 4-credit standard, so it's pretty demanding time wise, but I like the challenge. In Marine Bio, our professor is arranging a weekend trip to Cape Cod so we can take a boat out on the water and do some sampeling and exploring. I'm pumped. The backup plan is to go to the aquarium in Niagra Falls. Either way I'm looking forward to a weekend field trip. We're also starting rush for my sorority this week. Week 1 is super fun but super busy. I'm still waiting to hear back from co-ops I applied to for the summer. One is in California and one is in Rhode Island. Keep your fingers crossed for me!