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New RIT Blogger: Get to know me!

Kayla Nussbaum on Monday, 16 November 2015. Posted in Women at RIT

A painter, software engineer, and innovation-enthusiast with a die-hard passion for all things computing. To put it simply, my name is Kayla Nussbaum and I am currently a second year Software Engineering student at RIT. So far, I honestly love my time here and am always striving to join whatever events or activities are going on around campus.

Academically speaking, I am actively involved as a Public Relations Agent, Winter Ball Head, and Art Head for the Society of Software Engineers, as well as, a Public Relations Agent and Outreach Committee Member for Women in Computing. Right now, I am also currently a front desk administrator for RIT Undergrad Admissions and I have also worked for RIT's Telefund office in the past. Typically, if I can spare a few moments in between working, doing classwork, or participating in extracurriculars, I am most likely doing research with a professor, at a hack-a-thon, hoop-dancing, or playing video games. If you can’t tell already, I'm into a ton of different things and always looking to keep myself busy!

To debrief even further on some of my super fave things on campus, I’d like to share my ideal eat and chill spots: Freshens (for their perfection on all things crepes and rice bowls), Salsarita’s (because who doesn’t love free guac), and the Golisano Institute of Sustainability (since I can’t get enough of that fresh and botanical plant wall that will stay green and clean all year even if campus doesn’t). I’m sure I’ll end up developing several more favorite things on campus throughout the rest of my three years here.

For a few of my future posts, I’d like to give a nice technical spin on life at RIT. Even if technology may not be your thing just yet, it is all around us and truly influences the success within our future. One thing I absolutely love about RIT is its integration with art and technology and how they value a wide spectrum of concentrations and majors. If you’re already here and haven’t found something quite yet that suits you, we have an endless amount of resources, contacts, and networks to get involved with to help make college go a lot smoother. In general, I'm a pretty good contact for many things on campus, homework help, tech questions, or just someone to chill with so feel free to reach out and stay up to date with my blog posts.  :)