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New Year's Resolutions!

Cory Gregory on Wednesday, 10 January 2007.

I know I haven't written in a while, but now that I am back from the holiday break, I'll be back on track. I had a great time during the holiday break. I spent a lot of time with my family, had two holiday parties at my house, saw all my friends (because they were also home for break), and took a four-day trip to New Hampshire with some friends.

During the break I had a New Year's Eve party at my house. It was probably my favorite night during vacation. I got to spend time with family and friends and celebrate the beginning of the new year with them.

Speaking of a new year, everyone usually has a New Year's Resolution. My resolution was to exercise more so that way I could be healthier and feel better about myself. According to, the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions are:

1.) Spend More Time With Family & Friends

2.) Fit in Fitness

3.) Tame the Bulge

4.) Quit Smoking

5.) Enjoy Life More

6.) Quit Drinking

7.) Get Out of Debt

8.) Learn Something New

9.) Help Others

10.) Get Organized

I think the majority of these resolutions are things that everyone should work on. I know, personally, that I need to work on seven of those resolutions. But, getting back to my own resolution, I've continued going to the gym since I've gotten back to school. I run with my friend Matt whenever we have free time, and then spend some time lifting weights afterwards. Besides just exercise, I've also tried to watch what I eat. Instead of soda, I'll have water; Instead of pizza, I'll have a chicken wrap. And so on. I'm going to try hard to stick with my New Year's Resolution because it is something that is very important to me.

That's all I have for this time. Good luck with your own New Year's Resolutions!