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Newest from Anonymous RIT Students: RIT Compliments

Daniel Nwosu on Tuesday, 29 January 2013. Posted in Innovation

RIT Compliments, the newest topic of conversation on campus, has been said to brighten people's days and widen smiles. This profile page on Facebook, created on December 10th, 2012 by a group of anonymous RIT students after being inspired by the initiation at Queens University in Ontario, Canada, serves as a great way to enliven someone’s day, anonymously! Here's how it works. The group acts as an ordinary profile that allows people to message to back and forth. You send RIT Compliments a lovely/spirit warming compliment, birthday wish, or even a random thank-you, along with the name of the recipient. The profile then copies the message and posts it on their Timeline and tags the recipient in the message. This allows the recipient of the compliment to read the compliment on their own Timeline and allows their friends to read it as well. Pretty cool right?

This promotes recognition of the recipient among their friends and brings a smile to his/her faces. These compliments can be dedicated to a Good Samaritan on the quarter mile, a secret crush, or even someone who you consider an amazing human being. With the busy days and stressed lives of college students, the power of one genuine compliment about their appearance, something they've done, or created, I’ve noticed, can make someone’s day. What you get back is usually a smile, sometimes a conversation and an assumption made by the receiver that you are a caring person. Not bad for such a small effort, right? 

A friend of mine was really down about not doing so well on a quiz we took together. After becoming friends with the profile just days ago, I decided to write an anonymous word of inspiration to them. I simply highlighted some of the things I loved about the person and made the compliment general so that my cover wouldn’t be blown. A few hours later, that same friend texted me saying “OMG someone just wrote a really sweet compliment about me ^_^” The feeling of uplifting his spirits felt quite amazing.

As humans, one of the essential things in life is to be noticed and cared for, and by complimenting people, it shows you're aware of others and care about them. It's amazing to see just how genuine and authentic some of the compliments get. Seeing the person receiving the compliment respond to the how to compliment brightens their day is quite inspiring. The power of one compliment should not be underestimated, and the initiation started by this group at RIT has definitely shown that no matter how stressed out one can be, there are always friends out there who notice and care about them. Why not be among the people to brighten someone’s day? Who knows, it might brighten up yours as well!


Check out their profile page and friend them at , email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @ help spread the love and happiness!