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No class Wednesday

Kahle Toothill on Wednesday, 07 February 2007. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

After spending a whole weekend in Vermont recently, and after watching First Descent (an amazinggg documenary on the snowboard revolution), I started missing the feeling of barreling down a mountain with the wind in my face. So naturally, I decided not to attend my classes today and take my best friend Nic, to Bristol. Bristol Mountain is the nearest ski resort to RIT. I was getting a little bored taking Nic on the beginner slopes (he's a newbie) the whole time so I decided to spice up my ride with a new Burton bored. Bristol has a demo center on the top of the mountain where you can try out new 2007 equiptment for a small change. After some serious demo-ing... I returned the board with some battle scars from the rock that snuck up on me in the woods.

With all this cold weather, I've realized that hot chocolate in my new love. I'm becoming obsessed.... espicially with the kind that also comes with an attached marshmallow packet!

So FOOTBALL! haha.. ok I don't follow pro football, but Superbowl Sunday is not all about watching the game. It's about the parties, the friends, the food, and the commercials. Student Government (SG) sponsored a huge party in the clark gym with HUGE projector screens showing the game with all teh couches and chairs from the Student Alumni Uninon, massive amounts of pizza and people swarming the Papa John's guy as soon as he entered the vacinity, free ipod and digital camera raffles. Now Pretty sweet huh? Now THAT'S what the Superbowl is all about.