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No Shave November - The Beginning

Josh Kramer on Tuesday, 03 November 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life

Here at RIT we just had our Indian Summer (a few lucky families were able to take a tour with me in their t-shirts last week), and the temperature is once again starting to drop. Grocery stores and convenience stores have their "50% off all Halloween Candy" signs up, which can mean only one thing: It's November!!

"What is so special about November?" you ask.  Thanksgiving break is just around the corner? Finals are so much fun? An odd attachment to all months starting with the letter "N"? No! November is such a wonderful month because, for 30 days, no one can tell me that I should shave.

That's right, it's NO SHAVE NOVEMBER. You too can grow your very own Novembeard. All you have to do is not shave during this month. For the month of November, nagging girlfriends' complaints about scratchy faces fall upon deaf ears. Encourage your friends and family to participate in this wonderful tradition. Print out the sign to the left and hang it in a prominent place.

Throughout this month I will be posting updates and pictures on how my Novembeard is coming. I must admit, I did cheat. I didn't start off clean shaven. Please don't think less of me for it.

Post in the comment section any stories you have about your Novembeard, the Novembeard of someone you know, or facial hair in general!