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Ariel Leitao on Sunday, 01 February 2009. Posted in Coursework

For the winter quarter, I started taking a class called Legal Environment of Business.  Sounds boring, right?  Well, I've come to discover that it's definitely the best class I'm taking this quarter.  Although some of the stuff can be a little dry (contract law, anybody?), I've found that I'm integrating what I learn in class to everyday life.  For example, my roommate promised to take out the trash and didn't, so I decided that it was grounds to be able to sue for Promissory Estoppel ( I relied on her to take it out, and because she didn't our room smells kind of funky).  Also, I was walking around Wal-Mart and noticed random things laying around, a negligence case just waiting to happen.  Although these cases will most likely never make it to court, the fact that I can come up with them gives me great pleasure.  Our Professor is a lawyer, so we get to hear some of the crazy cases he's dealt with (one of them involved a guy named T-Bone (or something like that) getting sued for assault...imagine that.)  Other than the cases we get to learn about and laws and such, there are two main perks to this class.  A) An expansive vocabulary.  Why say "No, Thank you" when "I OBJECT" sound so much cooler?  and B) My book makes me look like a genius whenever I carry it around, just because it looks so impressive.  Now all I need is a gavel to complete my look.