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Oh look I take pictures

Cynthia Roberts on Wednesday, 25 July 2007. Posted in Student Life

So I am currently digital camera  deprived but my cellphone finally stopped being lame so I took some pictures.
This is what I do at work all day (drink coffee mainly)
The average person buys a little holder for their ipod....I stick it on there with duct tape.
That's my house
Here's my living room (it's a bit messy since Brian left)
I have this giant human sized, finger painting fish on my wall in the upstairs hallway at my house.  Courtesy of my old tenant.  He's a little scary but I keep him around for good measure.
This is my mess of a room (one corner at least)
Here's another corner (with my super messy desk and the unfinished wall)
Here's the finished wall
My giagantic mirror which makes me smile
And finally: I now know why they created go-gurt (don't eat yogurt in the car you will spill on your paints---theres a stain above the exclamation point if you can't spot it.) additonally I learned back in January you shouldn't draw on your pants (it doesn't wash out despite what you might think)

In other suppppper awesome news-After college and careers next weekend I think a bunch of us are going out to the lake house with Stacy and her family to spend the night (and following day) swimming and relaxing which I'm seriously looking forward to.

Also the fabulouso Brian B. is coming into town tonight so I'm off to meet up with him and miss kowsz.  Enjoy the mugginess all.