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Oh those 3 weeks

Richard Rockelmann on Thursday, 17 December 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar

As you may know RIT is based on the quarter system. Or, for most, a Tri-mester plan. That means YES, you have 12 midterms and 12 finals a year. I love it because you do not get bored of your classes or teachers, but I just dont like the fast paced agenda I constantly have to maintain! I mean its not bad if you keep up with your work, but I worry about everything so I am always on my toes.

Also, with the Tri-mester system we get this wierd 3 week gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Winter Quarter usially starts December 1st and goes to the 19th of December, we go home for 2 weeks and then the quarter picked up early january for week 4. It can be a pain because professors like to give miderms week 3 and then pack a bunch of informatin in before finals in late February.

As a second year I am used to it, but some 1st years have trouble adjusting to actually "doing" work during the 3 week transistion.  Its just another thing to get used to here at RIT. I would have to say that winter quarter is my least favoite of the 4.

Along with WIND,SNOW,WIND,SNOW!!!!!!!!!