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Cory Gregory on Thursday, 06 September 2007. Posted in Coursework, LGBT, The Arts

So... The title of this blog has nothing to do with the actual blog lol.

Wow. The first week of school is almost done and it has gone by really quickly. I have had so much to do this past week and I don't see things changing. I do have two jobs on campus and three leadership positions as well as 18 credit hours this quarter. Just a hint for those of you that are just starting out in college: don't do as much as I am doing. It hasn't been all that bad since it's only the first week, but I can definitely see it getting a lot harder. For now though, I'll just enjoy what time I do have to relax and enjoy the new school year.

I'm taking a class in American Sign Language and I'm hoping to learn a lot of sign in the 10 weeks that I have the class. In the class, we aren't allowed to talk. We have to communicate by using sign or a form of written communication. It will definitely help me learn quicker than I would if I didn't have the class. Since there is such a large deaf and hard-of-hearing population at RIT, it is a good skill to have.

I've also started my Student Government position as the GLBT Senator. I had office hours on Monday and Tuesday and tomorrow is the first Senate meeting where all the senators meet and discuss what's going on. I've researched and e-mailed a couple of people who speak about GLBT-related issues and I'm trying to get them to come and speak at RIT. I've also been getting information about the new GLBT Center on campus! We acquired it this year after the Women's Center moved to a new location. Within a couple months, we should have an area for students to get information about GLBT resources available on campus and within the Rochester area.

I've already had three classes in University Physics II. Spring quarter of last year I took University Physics I and I had a really hard time understanding the material. I'm hoping this quarter goes a little better with part 2 of the sequence. The material is similiar to the material in part 1 but it involves rotation instead of linear motions. Wish me luck with this class!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm a co-president of the special interest house Art House. We've had a couple activities within the first week including a floor trip to the china buffet and an activity called 3d twister. The people living in Art House this year are very cool. The people on floor are very unique and they are all fun to be around.

All in all, this year should be a lot of fun. I know for sure that I will always be able to find something to do that will keep me entertained. Thanks for listening to me ramble! :)