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On the Road

Emily Okey on Thursday, 02 July 2009.

I had originally intended on updating my blog on a more regular basis, however, my crazy changing summer schedule has not allowed for such things. 

I'm finally back from my whirlwind road trip through the midwest! About two weeks ago my family packed up the car and we drove the 10 hours to Valporasio Illinois. Monday I was in Bloomington, Indiana, Tuesday was northern Chicago, Monday was Ann Arbor, Michigan. Last Friday we woke up early and drove to Kentucky for a four-day volleyball tournament. Why all of this traveling nonsense, you might ask? College visiting. My sister is a sophomore in high 
school and since she is looking at playing D1 volleyball the recruitment process starts now. I have to say that after a year of searching and deciding on a college for myself and then working in the admissions office giving tours, I was not exactly all that thrilled to be wandering around the midwest going on other people's college tours of places I never intend on going to. I have to say that it was not exactly the most relaxing "vacation" because we picked up and drove three or four hours to a new state everyday but has given me an interesting perspective about what I like and miss about RIT. I've decided-- more like further enforced-- that I am in fact happy with my decision to attend RIT. I remember visiting RIT and just walking on campus and feeling like "woah, I can totally see myself here!" 


Anyway, from here, I'm home for another 17 days before packing up yet again and drive up to Rochester! I'll be working in the admissions office and living in the residence halls again for 3 weeks. During that time is College and Careers, so I hope to see some of you up there. The second week in August I will be driving back home to spend two weeks here before leaving yet again for orientation training up at RIT. Crazy summer!! I realized that I've only spent about 4 nights in my own bed since I got home in June-- I hope my parents don't start renting out my room! 

I remember this time last summer I was emailing my soon-to-be roommate a lot as we were figuring out what we wanted to bring up to school. I guess this seems kind of ridiculously early but I was pretty excited-- I can tell by the looks of the incoming class of 2012/13 discussion board that many of you are feeling the same way.  Just a few more months, guys!