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Kahle Toothill on Tuesday, 10 January 2006. Posted in Student Life

After a nice three week break it's really hard to get back in the "school" groove. I know after a week or so, it will be inevitable that things will be back to normal. But I alreay miss the peace and quiet of home and the endless amount of good food. I miss having meals cooked for me and watching tv in my pajamas all day long. I guess for a new years resoultion I could try harder to make my apartment feel like home. Yeah, I think I'll cook for myself tonight instead of just grabbing something quick to eat before class. Oh, and of course I'll fit a nap in since I always made time for those over break. And I'm going to go snowboarding more... I remembered how much I missed it over break. I went to a place in Allentown, PA called Blue Mountain with some friends. The mountain was ok but the company was awesome. I'm also going to get my boyfriend learn how to snowboard so we can go to Killington soon :) Start praying for snow, it's been so warm lately and I'm afraid the slopes will melt away.