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Online Obstacles

Clarissa Baston on Monday, 06 July 2009. Posted in Coursework, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

HELLO EVERYONE!  It's been a long while since I last posted and a few things have happend that I would love to share with you!  As the title clearly states, I'm back in Rochester.  I am back helping man the front desk in the office.  So if you've called in the past week, I might have talked to you!  Anyways, I was on hiatus for a month because I wanted a little break after a really tough year. 

During that month, I did a lot of growing up (not literally *sigh*)  I turned 21, which was fun.  Then a week later I got my wisdom teeth yanked out of my face, which was not so fun.  Then for the rest of the month I pretty much relaxed and spent some quality time with my family.  Sounds nice...huh?  Well it was...but I decided that this summer I was going to take online classes so I could be more flexible in my summer plans and get some credits out of the way. 

When it comes to online classes, I think that there's a bit of a misconception.  Some people think it's great because you don't have to physically go to a class once or twice a week, there's no professor standing in front of you giving you a boring lecture, and it seems pretty easy. 

The concept is quite simple, but a lot of students forget that just because it's online doesn't mean it's necessarily easy or less time consuming.  I started off summer quarter taking 3 online classes.  I had taken an online class last fall and it was a great, so I figured I could take these classes and it would be a breeze.  Oh how wrong I was. 

I think professors have caught on to the myth of the easy online class because the classes I signed up for are tough.  I was so thrown off guard that it really took me a while to get the hang of things.  To make up for not having formal classes, online classes make up in reading.  I have probably read more in two of my classes than I have ever in any other class I have taken so far at RIT....or my entire life for that matter!  I know I'm not building a very good case for online classes, but I promise there are many positive aspects too!

Like...we get to watch movies and vidoes on occasion.  I learn visually and these really help.  Another thing, professors are so good about responding to every question or comment students may have.  I think I've gotten more feedback from my online professors than from professors I've had in person!  One of my professors actually gave us his home and cell phone number just in case we were panicing about projects!  It's awesome. 

The most challenging thing, in my opinion, is balancing everything else and managing my time while I'm taking these classes.  It's week 6 now and I just got the used to the whole routine.  In the beginning, I basically was in vacation mode and completely forgot to check on my classes!  This is a big no-no, obviously.  So it's good to set aside some time to devote to classes and make sure you are organized and know when things are due. 

Something that really helps when you are thinking about taking an online class or any class for than matter is RIT's version of called Tiger Review.  Sometimes Ratemyprofs don't have all the professors on campus listed or don't really tell you anything about the class or professor.  Tiger Review gives you great feedback about certain classes and let you know how professors are like if they teach online classes.  When I got on this website, I didn't even realize that professors taught regular classes differently than online classes. 

Well that's my little rant about online classes.  Overall, I would recommend them, but I do think that they are an "acquired taste."  lol :)