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Orientation Training

Cory Gregory on Wednesday, 22 August 2007.

I know I mentioned this in a previous blog, but I am an Orientation Assistant for this year's orientation. Orientation training started on Monday and there have been some fun times and some not-so-fun times. I've definitely enjoyed the hands on activities that we've been doing and I've met some really awesome people in just a couple days. I can't believe how much I know about some of the other Orientation Assistants and I've only spent three days with them! Below is a couple pictures that one of the OA's took of our group:


The first photo was taken before the official photographer showed up to take our group pic.


I do realize that I'm the only one not wearing orange and black in this second pic lol.

Tomorrow afternoon all the OAs are going to the house of the RIT President! We're having a cookout, going swimming, etc. It should be a really fun time. Move-In day is on Sunday morning and the actual freshman orientation begins soon after that. I'm really excited to meet the group of freshmen that I will be working with for the next week and I'm also excited about meeting all the freshmen that are living on my floor. The beginning of the school year is always very exciting because of things like orientation. That's all I have for now, but I will keep you updated on my orientation experiences sometime next week!