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OS Scripting of DOOM!!

Jon-derek Castagno on Monday, 06 November 2006. Posted in Coursework

I know I have used this title before; or at least one like it. But today was the last class of OS Scripting, next class is the practical then the final next week. It has been a semi-fun class only because of the people in their. Most of the people from my LC (learning community) last year that I really like are in their and we all sit together and have fun during class and after (we go out to Denny’s after class) The language of bash and awk are pretty cool and interesting I learned a lot about UNIX and how to do many things that would normally take a lot of time but I can now script. I particularly despise the syntax of bash. The syntax for awk isn’t that bad because it’s so similar to java (JAVA RULES!).

I am pretty nervous for the practical just because our professor can be hard  and throw us a lot of curve balls, I barely finished the last one in time let alone get a good grade. I usually like practical’s but in this class I do not at all. The final itself will be riddled with trick questions on every question and hard code that we have to write without any “compile” help from bash, so I will need to be on my “A” game. The part that makes me the most mad is that the last practical and final are worth %42 of my grade… that is almost half of my grade in 4 days. That insane; what makes it that is there are ICE’s and Lab’s and those are every day and every week respectively so it’s a lot of work and those are worth 24% or so of our grade… that’s crap, all that work is worth nothing. The rest is midterm, final and the 2 practical’s.

That’s enough venting, I will catch y’all on the flip side.