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Otaru and Mt. Moiwa

Joe Conley on Thursday, 24 July 2008. Posted in Study Abroad

This morning we woke up to go out with Maru-sensei. First, her mother served us a Japanese style breakfast complete with fish and rice, and Japanese style eggs. Then we took the subway to Otaru, which is northwest of Sapporo, and close to the Sea of Japan. For a lot of the ride there, the train goes right along the sea.

When we got there, we walked around shopping for awhile, and then Maru-sensei bought us some ice cream. After that, we took a bus to a local onsen inside of a hotel, and relaxed there for awhile. It was interesting because it had both an indoor and an outdoor bath.

After that, we rode a Ferris wheel and got a pretty nice aerial view of the city and the bay.

View from the Ferris wheel

Then we went back to Maru-senei's house and again had a big meal. For this one, there was a boiling pot of broth on the table that you put vegetables or shellfish or meat into to cook.

Afterward, we went to the nearby mountain, which was one of Maru-sensei's favorite things to do because there's a pretty amazing view of the city at night. But unfortunately when we got there, it was cloudy, so we couldn't see anything. We looked at the merchandise in the shop on the mountain for 10 min, and when we went back outside you could at least see a little.

View from Mt. Moiwa

Then we returned home, and helped Maru-sensei with a slide show of photos for her wedding reception in Japan. Then we went to bed.