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Packaging Science Career Fair

Jacob Sachs on Tuesday, 29 January 2013. Posted in Academic Calendar, Co-op, Life After RIT

As you may already know, RIT hosts two annual career fairs, one in both the fall and the spring, every year. These career fairs draw a few hundred employers looking for students in a wide range of programs for co-op and full time opportunities. It is held in the Gordon Field House and is one of the busiest days on campus every year.

One very unique degree that RIT offers is its Packaging Science program. On top of this, there is a separate career fair for specifically packaging co-op and full time job opportunities.

My last blog post, “RIT: The Career Factor” highlighted some of my personal experiences through getting both a variety of interviews and co-op offers during my time here at RIT. Almost all of those opportunities have come out of this fair in the last two years of the fair. The two co-ops I accepted were a result of the fair.

During this fair, there are about an average of 25-30 companies that attend from a variety of industries. The most common industries include food and beverage or other consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical companies, and packaging suppliers.

For the past two years I have been working on the student planning committee for this fair, working with our program’s co-op advisor. Last year, I actually was the Student Chairman for the fair. My responsibilities included coordinating the overall program and my committee team. In addition, I got the chance to meet with several employers, many of which are RIT alumni. The day of the event, I got to walk around the fair with Dr. Destler, which was one of the great experiences I have had at RIT.

This year, with the fair approaching on February 6th, I am working as the Employer Relations Chairman. In this role, I have coordinated the organization of student hosts for each employer. The hosts, including myself, help their assigned company get checked into the fair and set up. We are there to make sure all the needs of the employers are satisfied. This is a big help for the positive relationships between employers and RIT to continue.

As my full-time job search has gotten underway, this event is a large one to jumpstart that process, and I am looking forward to this year’s fair as my opportunity to get the ball rolling.

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