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Pattie's Top Ten Reasons to Choose RIT

Patricia Schiotis on Monday, 17 December 2012. Posted in Clubs, Co-op, Coursework, Student Life

It’s crunch time for high school seniors across the nation.  From college visits, to applications, and even choosing a major, decision time is the most exciting, and stressful time.  To help out the college seekers, I’ve compiled my top ten reasons to choose RIT.

10. Closed Campus Feel:  One perk of RIT is that everything is together, enclosure by a loop that is approximately a 5K in length.  You don’t need to worry about classes being scattered throughout an area in the city or having separate areas that you need to travel for classes. For those students who do not have a car, there are also buses that bring students to the local mall, Wegmans, and Walmart and even downtown Rochester on the weekends.

9. Diversity:  RIT has students from all across the world.  It was a good exposure for me to meet and interact with some of these students, especially when placed on group projects with international students.  The different perspectives helped grow my educational experience and prepare me more the global interactions I may encounter when I enter the “real world.”

8. Major Events: Mostly thanks to our College Activities Board, RIT has major events, including concerts, comedians, and speakers that take place each year.  Over my years at RIT, the highlight would have to be meeting Maroon 5.

7. Senior Design:  Being a 5th year engineering student, I am required to take senior design.  Senior design unites all the engineering disciplines to work together for the design. This class also brings together everything learned within your time at RIT to help finish the project.   To see my current project progression: Click Here.

6. Hockey:  For some RIT students, hockey would fall higher on the list.  But since this is my top 10, and I am not a hockey fan, it falls at 6.  I must say though, I was no hockey fan before coming here, but the atmosphere at the games made me actually enjoy the games I’ve attended.  The crowd of students, faculty, and local fans is always a fun experience.  Not to mention, both men’s and women’s are in Division 1, with the women who recently moved up for this season after they won the national championships last year in division 3!

5. Faculty That Care:  I remember visiting the campus, and was surprised at how much the faculty seemed interested in their student’s success.  That measure has not changed since enrolling at RIT.  The faculty and stuff are always willing to help their students understand the material, and become successful in the fields that they are pursuing.

4. Class Experiences:  To be honest, I was not sure what I wanted to do when I was applying for colleges.  I had an interest in math and science, and my teachers all recommended me to go into engineering.  I listened to their advice, but even with that, there are so many applications in which engineering can be applied.  To help with that, the experiences throughout my course work have helped to guide me in a direction to aid in the choice of my future career.

3. Mud Tug:  Another bias selection for me, but Mud Tug is my favorite event that takes place each year.  Mud Tug is a tug-of-war event in the mud where the winners win and the losers get dirty.  Another bias may be that my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, co-hosts the event each September with fellow Greeks, Phi Kappa, Psi. (Click here for the blog written by @RIT_Alissa earlier this year)

2.  Clubs: With about 250 active clubs, 11 Major Student Organizations, and 30 Greek Organizations, the opportunities to find a club or organization you are interested is possible.  If you want to start a club that is not already on campus, an easy process has been developed to help expand the student life.  For me, being involved on campus has made my college experience much more fulfilling.  Not only will I have all my courses work and projects on my resume, I have leadership experiences that help strengthen my resume to show abilities as a well-rounded student.

1. Co-ops:  I can truly thank the cooperative education program at RIT for my true successes as an engineer.  The class experiences started my interests, but it was not until I went on co-op at various companies that I was able to recognize where my passions lie, and how I want to utilize my degree in mechanical engineering.  RIT has many resources available for students to help them find co-ops, as well as full time employment for RIT alumni.