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Pencils Sharpened, Ready to Go

Emily Okey on Saturday, 06 March 2010. Posted in Academic Calendar, Student Life

As much as I love being at school, breaks are fantastic. After 10 weeks of classes and a week of finals, I'm ready for a break. It's funny because I never realize it until I have time off how much stuff I was really doing throughout the quarter. The first day without finals or classes I didn't even know what to do with myself. I spend time wishing during the quarter that I could have just one day off and then I get it but can't figure out what to do! 

Finals in college are not the same as high school ones. It's not a set week of testing from 8 am until whenever high school usually got out. Finals week for us means you can have tests anytime throughout the week, for however long the professor intends the test to take. In fact, it's especially nice when they decide to do it during week ten although that just means more work earlier so it all balances out. This finals week I had two tests on Tuesday and two on Thursday. Monday was spent studying my brains out for my art history test. Which left Wednesday, a day for adventuring...

We set out on our usual driving to an unknown destination using no GPS or prior planning. We've already explored a lot north and east of RIT and there was a snow storm coming from the west so we decided south sounded like a good plan. Originally we intended on doing an actual road trip but with limited time we found ourselves exploring Geneseo and the towns surrounding that. 


For some reason along the way we kept finding water towers and then trying to get as close as possible to them. Western NY is relatively flat which makes driving towards a landmark such as this a whole lot easier. 


This is one side of a street in downtown Geneseo (about 25 minutes south of RIT). It's a pretty cute little town, we stopped and got some coffee here :)



When I mentioned that Western NY is flat... I was referring to this... You can see for miles. 

Since I've been home last Sunday, I've been on two adventures... one to College Park, MD and the other to downtown Baltimore both to visit friends. While none of these places are exotic, it's a nice change of scenery and a good way to spend my break before I head back to school tomorrow! 

And this is just a bonus cute puppy picture because who doesn't like those? My best friend's mom just got a dog 3 days before I got home so we've been getting lots of puppy cuddling time in :) 

One final night at home before I start packing up and heading back to Rochester for my final quarter of sophomore year.. it's so weird how quickly this time is passing. I'm looking forward to spring quarter because after this weekend I've had a taste of 50 degree weather.. it feels like spring!!