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Pittsburgh GCCIS Honors Trip

Joe Conley on Saturday, 28 April 2007. Posted in Faculty

Just got back from the GCCIS honors trip to Pittsburgh.  We went to visit Carnegie Mellon University and we saw their robotics institute, their software engineering institute, their supercomputing center, and some of their campus.  We also went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game vs. the Cincinnati Reds, and toured a good portion of the city by foot.  The photos are posted here:   

Pittsburgh GCCIS Honors Trip
It was a pretty interesting trip, Steve took the wrong bus, got lost and ended up across the river at a nursing home, Devin somehow got lost for 20 minutes after the baseball game, the bus made on average two illegal u-turns per hour and the bus driver had an incredible knack for taking us the wrong way, and I got some incriminating photos of Professor Bogaard in some amazing hats (see pics).  We played a lot of darts and pool as well as air hockey, in which I went undefeated.  

One of the best (things we went to was the Church Brew Works, which is a 100+ year old church that was sold and is now a restaurant.  As you can see in their pictures, they now make beer on the alter.  It's pretty amazing, some might say it's borderline sacrilegious, but I think it's a much better use for a church than what most of them are used for on Sundays.   

Carnegie seems like a good place to go for a graduate or doctorate program though, it's a big research university and they get a lot of funding for that.  I would consider it for grad school.  But lets see what kind of jobs I can get after I complete this degree first.   

Well I should work on all that schoolwork I didn't do all weekend!  I'll write again soon about my coop plans for summer/fall.