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PMS Cookies are for boys too!

Stacy Kowsz on Wednesday, 19 March 2008. Posted in Dining

In this blog, I have previously mentioned Java Wally's and Health Cookies.  Today, I want to mention another great aspect of Java Wally's that is confusing me:

They are called PMS Cookies.

    *chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and walnuts
    *great tasting part of my life
    *fattening part of my life

My Question:
    Why have the silly people at Java's called these PMS cookies?
    Java's needs some marketing advice.
    I feel that most boys would never want to try a cookie called a PMS cookie.  However, they should. Because PMS cookies are pretty great (except for the fact that they are fattening, but most good things can't be that good for you).

    PMS Cookies are delicious, and they really have nothing to do with PMS. 
    PMS Cookies are for boys too!